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2021-11-23: News Headlines

WSWS (2021-11-23). Video: The pandemic is a bonanza for Australia's billionaires. wsws.org "The 200 richest people in Australia increased their wealth by 40 percent, from $341.8 billion in May 2019 to $479.6 billion in May this year."

_____ (2021-11-22). What Would Have Worked Better Than Building Back Anything. popularresistance.org The BBB bill, as originally conceived, was a minimal sort of social needs proposal, pathetically far behind the norm on the planet, originally costing about a third of U.S. military spending (across all departments and agencies of military spending, and treating both BBB and military spending in terms of annual cost, rather than multiplying only the former by 10 as is the custom). BBB has now been cut to (depending on how you count it) a sixth of military spending and with — wait for it — no, it's really worth the wait — wait for it — tax cuts for the mega-wealthy thrown in during the proc…

WSWS (2021-11-22). Behind Chinese President Xi's populism, mounting social inequality. wsws.org Xi's calls for "common prosperity," philanthropy from the super-rich and the need to reduce social inequality are aimed at deflecting mounting discontent among workers and young people.

Sarah Anderson (2021-11-22). In the Latest Round of Budgetary Chess, Progressive Caucus Leader Jayapal Played a Shrewd Gambit. inequality.org

William Rivers Pitt (2021-11-22). GOP May Be Feeling Smug About 2022, But Trump Remains an Unpredictable Wild Card. truthout.org One year ago today, Donald Trump was three weeks into his ongoing I'm Not Crying You're Crying post-defeat revenge tour, and the Republican herd was nervous. They knew this predator all too well. Trump feasted on the flesh of friend and foe with equal delight, he hardly seemed to sleep, and with dreaded irrelevance staring him dead in the face (along with the possibility of poverty and prison), he was more motivated than ever before. | "Trump's attacks on Govs. Brian Kemp of Georgia and Mike DeWine Ohio —…

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