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2021-11-22: News Headlines

WSWS (2021-11-22). Behind Chinese President Xi's populism, mounting social inequality. wsws.org Xi's calls for "common prosperity," philanthropy from the super-rich and the need to reduce social inequality are aimed at deflecting mounting discontent among workers and young people.

_____ (2021-11-21). On Contact: Struggle Against Industrial Agriculture. popularresistance.org On the show, Chris Hedges discusses the struggle against industrial agriculture with author Daniel J. O'Connell. The San Joaquin Valley in California is the most agriculturally productive farmland in the United States, but it is also plagued by high levels of poverty and water pollution, as well as the serious health risks that come with …

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2021-11-21). Video: The 2020-2021 Economic Crisis. Global Poverty, Unemployment and Despair. globalresearch.ca

Editor2 (2021-11-21). Climate Change and Nicaragua: Who Will Pay for the Damage? orinocotribune.com By Rick Kohn — Nov 18, 2021 | To people in developing countries, it seems clear, the wealthy countries that caused most of the problem of climate change should pay the most to adapt to it and to solve the problem. But instead, countries like the United States lecture low low-emitting countries to do more while they extract their resources and destroy their forests. | For example, Nicaragua was an outspoken critic of the 2015 Paris climate talks because they did not go far enough. It is one of the countries most impacted by climate change, yet its own greenhouse gas footprint is one of the smallest. Nicaragua…

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