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2021-11-08: News Headlines

Annelise Whitley (2021-11-07). A Project for Survival in These United States. tomdispatch.com When President Biden first unveiled the Build Back Better agenda, it appeared that this country was on the path to a new war on poverty. In April, he told Congress that "trickle-down economics have never worked" and that it was time to build the economy "from the bottom-up." This came after the first reconciliation bill of the pandemic included the child tax credit that — combined with an expanded Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and unemployment benefits, stimulus checks, and other emergency programs — reduced the poverty rate from 13.9% in 2018 to 7.7% in 2021. (Without such actions, it was…

Prof. Anthony J. Hall (2021-11-07). "Herd Stupidity": The Manufactured Covid Crisis, the Gene-based mRNA "Vaccine" and "The Pinnacles of Wealth and Power" globalresearch.ca

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