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2021-11-24: News Headlines

Amanda Winstead (2021-11-24). Punishing the exploited: An exploration of the growing wealth gap. nationofchange.org We must find momentum through our discontent, and be "outraged enough to become even more politically active."

Staff (2021-11-24). "Furious and Disgusted": Teen Survivor Speaks Out After Wealthy White Serial Rapist Gets Probation. democracynow.org The survivor of a serial rapist who received probation joins us to speak out after a New York judge sparked international outrage when he ruled it is inappropriate to jail the man who attacked her. Christopher Belter pleaded guilty to raping and sexually assaulting her along with three other teenage girls age 15 and 16, but he will avoid serving time in prison, and instead receive 8 years of probation. Belter is white, and from a prominent family who lives in a wealthy neighborhood near Niagara Falls. "This sentencing is telling rapists it's OK to rape and telling victims that there's no point in coming forward,"

rebekah (2021-11-23). Temporary Relief for Millions of Essential Immigrant Workers Could Be a Reality — Fingers Crossed. inequality.org

Staff (2021-11-23). Americans got richer thanks to vaccines & Covid policies, Biden claims. rt.com US citizens are wealthier 20 months after the Covid-19 pandemic than they were before, President Joe Biden has insisted, as many in the country check their pockets and find them still empty. | The president praised his economic leadership during a press conference on Tuesday, declaring the US was the only country whose residents could count themselves richer than they had been before the pandemic. However, while the Federal Reserve may have printed up a (digital) storm of new money to keep the economy afloat, ordinary Americans haven't seen much of it. | Biden says people have more money than before the pandem…

WSWS (2021-11-23). Video: The pandemic is a bonanza for Australia's billionaires. wsws.org "The 200 richest people in Australia increased their wealth by 40 percent, from $341.8 billion in May 2019 to $479.6 billion in May this year."

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