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2021-11-01: News Headlines

Sam Pizzigati (2021-11-01). Billionaires' shiny utopias are dulling our democracy. peoplesworld.org Great wealth can do great damage. Grand personal fortunes, we've come to understand, can menace our democracy and distort our economic life. But these fortunes can also wreak a much more hidden havoc: They can mess up the minds of people who hold them. Great fortunes can leave their owners feeling supremely sure they themselves …

SAM (2021-10-31). American Tax Policy in the Age of Trillionaires. inequality.org

_____ (2021-10-31). The Green New Deal From Below. popularresistance.org The Green New Deal is a visionary program to protect the earth's climate while creating good jobs, reducing injustice, and eliminating poverty. Its core principle is to use the necessity for climate protection as a basis for realizing full employment and social justice. | The Green New Deal first emerged as a proposal for national legislation, and the struggle to embody it in national legislation is ongoing. But there has also emerged a little-noticed wave of initiatives from community groups, unions, city and state governments, tribes, and other non-federal institutions designed to contribute to the climate prot…

Julia Rock (2021-10-31). WEEKEND READER: It's The Economy, Stupid. dailyposter.com

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