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2020-11-17: News Headlines

Mark Gruenberg (2020-11-17). Robert Reich: Capitalism makes it hard to keep democracy going. peoplesworld.org BERKELEY, Calif.—Rising income inequality, to levels unseen for almost a century, makes it "hard to keep an economy" and a democracy going, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich says. Ditto for the U.S. version of the capitalist system, he adds. Reich, now a professor at the University of California at Berkeley, said the growing chasm between …

The Canary (2020-11-16). Demand for food parcels from cancer patients spikes since onset of pandemic. thecanary.co Cancer patients are at increasing risk of poverty because of coronavirus (Covid-19), a charity has warned. | Irish Cancer charity, Purple House Cancer Support Centre said calls to its helpline service from patients seeking food parcels have spiked since the onset of the pandemic. | The charity