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2020-11-12: News Headlines

Patricia Gorky (2020-11-12). Unemployment crisis continues unabated. liberationnews.org More than 1 million people filed for unemployment assistance last week according to new figures released today.

Ron Jacobs (2020-11-12). Fascism, Trumpism and the Future. counterpunch.org Fascism is both a symptom and the essence of capitalism in decay. Its development into a movement tends to begin when small-time capitalists (the petit bourgeoisie, if you will) see their wealth, political power and survival as a stratum of society disappearing in the maws of the giant monopolies and financial houses. Not having the

RT (2020-11-12). US Covid task force chief Fauci says coronavirus vaccines should reach all parts of the world, not only rich states. rt.com America's top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has called on pharmaceutical companies and institutes developing coronavirus vaccines to ensure that they are available in all countries, not only the wealthy ones. | As companies talk about the ability to make billions of doses, "we don't need hundreds of millions for the rich countries," Fauci told a webinar held by British thinktank Chatham House. | "We need billions [of vaccine doses], so whether you live in the darkest part of the developing world, or if you live in London, you should have the same access." | Vaccines clearly have the potential to…

WSWS (2020-11-12). Australian government slashes JobSeeker to force more workers into low-paid jobs. wsws.org Both major parties agree on using the mass unemployment and financial distress triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic to further restructure economic and social relations in the interests of the capitalist class.

Editor (2020-11-12). Fighting the Wildfires of Our Dystopian Present and Future. scheerpost.com Daria Devyatkina / CC BY 2.0] By Katharine Wilkinson / OtherWords As a writer and climate activist, I have a deep faith in our ability to heal the planet and ourselves. Even so, 2020 has been a heavy year, with the pandemic spreading, inequality growing, and our democracy fraying — all against a backdrop of wildfires and hurricanes. Our leaders have been focused on short-term profits for the few… |

Barbara G. Ellis (2020-11-12). Who Says H.S. Juniors Can't Ease Schools Other Headaches? counterpunch.org Amid the current unemployment statistics of 66.7 million filings since March—excluding the 1.3 million not looking for work—it clearly is no time for high school students to be invading the part-time adult workforce, perhaps even for gig labor. Because I'd been a high school teacher (Maine, Oregon) and at 15 held two part-time jobs, I

David Swanson (2020-11-11). Everything Will Fundamentally Change. counterpunch.org In June 2019, Joe Biden promised wealthy so-called donors that nothing would fundamentally change. At this moment hundreds of millions of people — from those shooting off fireworks to those ranting as though they will soon shoot up public places in their MAGA hats — seem convinced that everything will fundamentally change. Biden was wrong.

Global Research (2020-11-11). "The Globalization of War" and "The Globalization of Poverty" — Two Books by Michel Chossudovsky. globalresearch.ca The Globalization of War: America's "Long War" against Humanity by Michel Chossudovsky | America's hegemonic project in…

Media Lens (2020-11-11). Robert Fisk: Death of a "Controversial" Journalist. dissidentvoice.org Robert Fisk, the Independent's Middle East correspondent, died on 30 October aged 74. In reviewing his life and career, the newspaper for which he worked for more than two decades wrote of their star reporter: 'Much of what Fisk wrote was controversial…' As John Pilger noted, in describing Fisk's journalism as 'controversial' the Independent was …

_____ (2020-11-11). This City Makes Sure No One Goes Hungry. popularresistance.org Nestled on a wide plateau surrounded by the Espinhaàßo Mountains in southeastern Brazil is the city of Belo Horizonte, roughly 275 miles north of Rio de Janeiro. The city of 2.5 million is an industrial and technological hub, which had historically led to stark socioeconomic divisions, including high rates of poverty. But while other similarly situated cities around the globe struggle to meet the basic needs of their residents, Belo Horizonte pioneered a food security system that has effectively eliminated hunger in the city. The entire program requires less than 2% of the city's annual budget.

_____ (2020-11-10). Calls For Universal Basic Income Increase As Government Support Fails. popularresistance.org On 30 October, 520 MPs, councillors, peers, mayors and members of devolved assemblies, wrote to chancellor Rishi Sunak. They emphasised how current government support is leaving many families in poverty. | In the letter, organised by UBI Lab Network, the elected representatives said: | Millions of people have fallen through the cracks of the government's support packages. The pandemic has left countless families facing poverty and extreme hardship. | They added: | With unemployment set to increase amid a shrinking job market, we urge you not to underestimate the wider costs to society of rising poverty and jobles…

The Canary (2020-11-10). Redundancies hit record high as hundreds of thousands lose jobs. thecanary.co More people were made redundant between July and September than at any point on record, according to new official statistics. It comes as the pandemic laid waste to large parts of the economy. | Hard times: | Around 314,000 redundancies were registered during the three months according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). This figure is up by 181,000 from the quarter before. The data suggests that unemployment in the UK reached 4.8% in the three months to September. It's an increase of 0.7 percentage points on the quarter before, and 0.9 percentage points from a year ago. | Meanwhile, around 33,00…

Don Fitz (2020-11-09). How Do Medical Students Get More Experience in the US than Cuba? counterpunch.org What It Has To Do with Inequality During the last 10 years I have written multiple articles documenting how Cuba has better medical practice and education than the US. To be honest, I have known for a long time that there is an area of medical training where medical students in the US get considerably

Staff (2020-11-09). Rappers can't make Black capitalism work for Black people. therealnews.com Life under capitalism has produced extreme degrees of racial and economic inequality. So, why are prominent rappers still pushing Black capitalism as a viable solution to the racial and economic injustices Black people live with today?

Dean Baker (2020-11-09). Labor Market Rebounds, But Can It Survive Rising Infection Rates? counterpunch.org The number of multiple job holders stands at 17.8 percent below its year-ago level. The labor market continued to rebound from the spring shutdown, adding 638,000 jobs. The unemployment rate fell another percentage point to 6.9 percent. This still leaves the number of jobs 6.6 percent below the February level. The jobs gains were broadly