2022-08-07: News Headlines

F. William Engdahl (2022-08-06). The "Great Zero Carbon" Conspiracy and the WEF's "Great Reset" globalresearch.ca The globalist Davos World Economic Forum is proclaiming the necessity of reaching a worldwide goal of "net zero carbon" by 2050. Yet transformations underway from Germany to the USA, are setting the stage for creation of what is called the New Word Order. In reality it is a blueprint for a global technocratic totalitarian corporativism, that promises huge unemployment, deindustrialization and economic collapse.

Carson Minow (2022-08-05). U.S. July unemployment numbers hit new low. america.cgtn.com The United States added more than half a million jobs in July, a much better figure than expected. The unemployment rate also dipped to 3.5% last month, a number not seen since before the Covid-19 pandemic, and a figure that represents a half-century low. It's …

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