2022-07-05: News Headlines

Benjamin Norton (2022-07-04). Spanish lawmaker: NATO subordinates Europe to US, pushes war on China, enriches weapons companies. multipolarista.com Spain's leftist member of parliament Gerardo Pisarello said the NATO summit was organized to "enrichen the weapons trade" and "reinforce the geostrategic priorities of the United States … above all to weaken China." He condemned US "vassalage," calling for a new "autonomous" European security model based on respect for the Global South.

Editor (2022-07-04). What Would a Real Opposition Party of the People Do? scheerpost.com By Dave Lindorff / CounterPunch We are currently at the mercy of a cabal of self-righteous Christian zealots with a 6-3 grip on the US Supreme Court and on Congress, thanks to an arcane structure designed by slave-owning wealthy men who handed the power to a Senate dominated by small-state rich people and to their …

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