2022-07-03: News Headlines

____ (2022-07-03). Americans face gender gap in shift to remote work: survey. ecns.cn Women in the United States still face inequality amid the shift to remote work, said a recent report by Fortune, citing McKinsey's American Opportunity Survey that polled 25,000 workers.

Editor (2022-07-02). Economist Michael Hudson on inflation and Fed plan to cut wages: A depression is coming. mronline.org Economist Michael Hudson explains the inflation crisis and U.S. Federal Reserve's "austerity program to reduce wages" and boost unemployment. He warns a "long depression" is coming, due to the new cold war on Russia and China.

The Lancet (2022-07-02). [Editorial] Ending child marriage: ensuring healthy futures for girls. thelancet.com One in five women are married before the age of 18 years. This fact has serious ramifications for health and wellbeing. Child marriage is associated with pregnancy at a young age, dangerous complications during pregnancy and childbirth, HIV acquisition, and intimate partner violence. Demographic changes mean that the number of adolescents is increasing and therefore more people will be at risk of child marriage. Disruption to education and a rise in poverty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is estimated to put another 10 million girls at risk of child marriage over the next decade, in addition to the 100 million wh…

Jayati Ghosh (2022-07-02). [Perspectives] The journey to greater equality. thelancet.com Economic inequalities have increased substantially across the world in the past three decades and have deepened during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thomas Piketty and his colleagues at the World Inequality Lab at the Paris School of Economics (PSE), France, have been at the forefront of tracking these changes, providing extremely useful analyses based on careful aggregation of national data on income and wealth inequality from a multitude of sources. They have shown that globally, inequality is now as entrenched as it was during the first part of the 20th century.

Fight Back (2022-07-01). Hope for Colombia: An interview with James Jordan about the election of Petro. fightbacknews.org On June 19, Gustavo Petro won the second round of the Colombian presidential election with over 50% of the vote. This is a historic victory because Colombia, unlike many other South American countries, including neighboring Venezuela, doesn't have a history of leftists winning office. | For more than 52 years now the U.S. has backed the wealthy Colombian oligarchy against revolutionaries of the FARC-EP (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People's Army) and ELN (National Liberation Army) who are fighting for national liberation against U.S. imperialism. There was a brief negotiated peace in 1985 and le…

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