2021-11-19: News Headlines

SAM (2021-11-19). Our New Art 'Appreciation,' Billionaire-Style. inequality.org

_____ (2021-11-18). Support The #MakeAmazonPay Day Of Action. popularresistance.org Amazon's size and power place the corporation at the very center of the crises of climate breakdown and economic inequality that grip our planet. The growth of CEO Jeff Bezos's astronomical wealth — up $100 billion since March, now surpassing that of any other human in history — is directly proportional to Amazon's human and environmental costs: his corporation mistreats its workers, wrecks the climate, and undermines the public institutions underpinning our democracies along the way. | Taking on Amazon, therefore, will require more than curbing Jeff Bezos's personal wealth or calling for corporate so…

Sarah Anderson (2021-11-18). We Can't Trust the World Bank to Stand Up to Powerful Fossil Fuel Companies. inequality.org

WSWS (2021-11-18). 3.6 million UK families worse off after budget cuts. wsws.org The entire edifice of UC is based on workers receiving poverty level wages. The tapering system is effectively a tax on the lowest paid.

Moderator (2021-11-18). Why It's So Hard to Tax Billionaires. scheerpost.com By Christopher Orlet / CounterPunch A recent NPR story attempted to explain why it is so hard to tax billionaires. The expert NPR interviewed for the story ticked off the usual ways the 1 percent avoids paying its fair share of taxes: Billionaires have the best accountants who know all the loopholes. Their wealth isn't in income, …

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