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2020-10-07: News Headlines

Staff (2020-10-07). Headlines for October 7, 2020. democracynow.org Stephen Miller Tests Positive for COVID-19 as Top Pentagon Generals Quarantine, Rudy Giuliani Coughs Through TV Interview While Awaiting Coronavirus Test Result, White House Refuses Contact Tracing Help as Trump Puts Residence Staff at Risk of COVID-19, Two Presidential Valets Who Carry Nuclear Launch Codes Test Positive for Coronavirus, Six States Report Record Hospitalizations as U.S. COVID-19 Death Toll Nears 211,000, Trump Calls Off Stimulus Talks, Then Reverses Course in Erratic Series of Tweets, Facebook, Twitter Crack Down on Trump's False Claim COVID-19 Is Less Lethal Than Flu, FDA to Require Two Month Sa…

Jack Rasmus (2020-10-07). Trump Scuttles A Fiscal Stimulus Deal—Again. zcomm.org Trump has already begun moving his political chess pieces to challenge the election and refuse to leave office…

Dr. Jack Rasmus (2020-10-07). Trump Scuttles a Fiscal Stimulus—Again! globalresearch.ca This past week Pelosi and Mnuchin had reportedly been quietly negotiating toward …

Jack Rasmus (2020-10-07). Trump Scuttles a Fiscal Stimulus Deal…Again! counterpunch.org This past Tuesday, October 6, Trump pulled the plug once again—a second time—on negotiations on a fiscal stimulus between House speaker, Pelosi, and his Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin. This past week Pelosi and Mnuchin had reportedly been quietly negotiating toward a compromise fiscal stimulus package and were making progress while Trump was in the hospital

Shabbir Manjee (2020-10-07). Unemployment Day rally calls for Illinois to reprioritize budget, support working class. liberationnews.org The main demand was for Local, State and Federal budgets to defund various war efforts, policing and other wasteful spending and instead invest in safety nets.

Stephen Lendman (2020-10-07). Trump Halts Talks on New Economic Stimulus. globalresearch.ca At a time of dire economic conditions — worse than during the Great Depression with real unemployment at 26.9% and likely to rise ahead — Republicans and Dems remain at odds over federal aid to jobless Americans, small businesses, states, …

Nick Pemberton (2020-10-06). How Not To Talk About Obama. counterpunch.org Sound materialist analysis (not always satisfying) often adds a little treat at the end. For example, let's take the Barack Obama rules. Instead of saying Barack Obama was a neoliberal President who largely complied with the general trend of the last half-century of consolidating wealth, privatizing industry, and using imperialism and capitalism together to continue

WSWS (2020-10-06). Ranks of long-term jobless soar as US unemployment aid dries up. wsws.org Both parties are using mass unemployment and the threat of destitution as a bludgeon to force workers back into unsafe factories and workplaces.

sputniknews (2020-10-06). Trump Leaves Hospital to Angry Media Reaction. sputniknews.com On today's episode of The Backstory host Lee Stranahan covers; negotiations over stimulus have officially ended, the media upset after President Trump released from the hospital, joint chiefs have quarantined themselves after Coast Guard member tests positive, Eddie Van Halen the legendary guitarist died at 65 from cancer.

Kenny Stancil, staff writer (2020-10-06). Bolstering Progressive Demand, Fed Chair Says More Stimulus Crucial to Avoid Even More 'Unnecessary Hardship'. commondreams.org "The stakes—even more human suffering and long-run damage to people and the health of the economy—are high." | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/headline/thumbs/powell.jpg

Jessica Corbett, staff writer (2020-10-06). 'What an Anti-Everybody Agenda Looks Like': AOC Excoriates Trump for Walking Away From Covid-19 Relief Talks. commondreams.org "Millions falling into poverty, millions on the edge of eviction, millions going hungry, millions losing their healthcare and this megalomaniac dime store dictator puts his knee of the neck of a nation." | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/headline/thumbs/gettyimages-12289191131.jpg

Prof Michel Chossudovsky (2020-10-05). Combating The Virus: Mass Unemployment is Not the Solution. globalresearch.ca Image: India unemployment at record high | Millions of people around the World are victims of the fear campaign. Panic prevails. Day after day, the persistent impact of media disinformation concerning the Killer Virus is overwhelming. | Fear and panic, coupled …

Mark Weisbrot (2020-10-05). If You Could Save a Million Lives, Would You Do It? commondreams.org The IMF leadership, and almost all of the 189 member countries — including U.S. allies such as Germany and Canada — are ready to allocate the aid that Congress is considering.(Photo: AFP/Getty Images) | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/views-article/thumbs/poverty_4.jpg

Randall Kennedy (2020-10-05). The Supreme Court's War on Equality. thenation.com In Supreme Inequality, Adam Cohen offers a damning indictment of Supreme Court jurisprudence, reminding us of just how political the country's highest court is.

Fight Back (2020-10-05). Growing length of economic crisis forcing women out of the job market. fightbacknews.org San José, CA – On Friday, October 2, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that the official unemployment rate had dropped to 7.9% in September, from 8.4% in August. But of the almost one million people who left the official unemployment count, 70% stopped looking for work and did not find a job. This is because the government's unemployment rate only counts those who are both without paid work and who are looking for work. | Even worse, almost 90% of the people dropping out of the unemployment rolls were women, and only 10% were men. This recession is different from earlier recessions, where the unemployment rat…

Raven Geary (2020-10-05). 'Tax the Rich! Feed the Poor!': Activists in Chicago Are Raising a Voice for the Unemployed. progressive.org On the city's first 'Unemployment Day,' the streets tell a tale of a city divided.

_____ (2020-10-05). Ending Poverty In Yuangudui, China. popularresistance.org "Another year passes, but an unprecedented change begins." Yuangudui's stunning metamorphosis began on the 23rd of the 12th lunar month in 2013, the traditional Chinese holiday of New Year's eve. On that day, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping, arrived at Yuangudui. There, General Secretary Xi, concerned as he is with the elimination of poverty, personally interviewed the villagers about their livelihoods, and earnestly enjoined the party cadres and villagers alike: "Let us all work harder together, and make the days to come even brighter than before."

Staff (2020-10-05). Debt Collectors Are Thriving This Year — and Now They're Filing Even More Suits. truthout.org Earlier this year, the pandemic swept across the country, killing 100,000 Americans by the spring, shuttering businesses and schools, and forcing people into their homes. It was a great time to be a debt collector. | In August, Encore Capital, the largest debt buyer in the country, announced that it had doubled its previous record for earnings in a quarter. It primarily had the CARES Act to thank: The bill delivered hundreds of billions of dollars worth of stimulus checks and bulked-up unempl…

Jeanette Callahan (2020-10-05). I Don't Have Qualified Immunity; Why Should Police? commondreams.org As a pediatrician, I find the entire concept of qualified immunity absurd.(Photo: Screengrab/WBFO) | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/views-article/thumbs/commonwealth.png

Jessica Corbett, staff writer (2020-10-05). As Trump Gets 'Excellent Taxpayer-Funded Care,' Analysis Finds Frontline Workers Disproportionately Lack Health Insurance. commondreams.org Given how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted people in "essential" industries and their high uninsured rates, the Public Citizen report says "the argument for Medicare for All has never been stronger." | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/headline/thumbs/trump_farmworkers_coronavirus_1.jpg

Jamie Hartmann-Boyce (2020-10-04). Trump's Biggest Advantage in Fighting Off Covid: His Wealth. commondreams.org President Donald Trump speaks during a press conference in the Brady Briefing Room of the White House on September 23, 2020, in Washington, D.C. (Photo: Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty Images) | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/views-article/thumbs/donald_trump_pharma.jpg

Julia Conley, staff writer (2020-10-04). In Address on Inequality Amid Pandemic, Pope Calls on Global Community to Confront 'Destructive Effects of Empire of Money'. commondreams.org In his third encyclical Sunday morning, Pope Francis denounced free market capitalism and the "magic" theory of trickle-down economics, saying the coronavirus pandemic has once and for all disproven the notion that it will benefit low-income people through job creation and investments. | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/headline/thumbs/gettyimages-1278405034_1.jpg