2020-11-19: News Headlines

Andrea Germanos (2020-11-19). Greenpeace releases far-reaching 'just recovery agenda' to tackle interlocking crises of inequality, racial injustice, Covid-19, and climate chaos. nationofchange.org We must "shift from an economy that is extractive and exploitative to one that regenerates and repairs," the new report says.

Editor (2020-11-19). We'll Never Have Gender Equality Without This Crucial Reform. scheerpost.com Neil Moralee / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0] By Jill Richardson / OtherWords This week my students turned in papers relating news articles to what they learned in class about parenting. Every single student's paper is about how the pandemic is exacerbating pre-existing inequalities. I'm a teaching assistant in a family sociology course, and inequality is one of the most important things we study. |

Editor (2020-11-19). Pandemic surges, economy sputters. workers.org It's really quite sickening. The bourgeoisie calculates profit and loss with callous disregard for the masses suffering from both the soaring COVID caseload and a collapsed job market. Now, many who became unemployed in the spring are running out of their 26 weeks of unemployment benefits. There were nearly 1 . . . |

Matthew Cunningham-Cook (2020-11-19). Georgia's Senate Runoff Will Determine Whether the Minimum Wage Increases. zcomm.org "Dollar stores feed more Americans than Whole Foods Market, and what we've learned is that they're not just a symptom of poverty, they are a cause of it."

news.un (2020-11-19). Development funding and trade transparency needed, to stop COVID-19 dividing the world. news.un.org The pandemic has redefined the world economy in ways that will deepen inequality and can only be reversed if a global transformation in attitudes towards trade and development allows the whole world to recover together, the UN trade body UNCTAD said, in a report published on Thursday.

Marlee Kokotovic (2020-11-19). Senate proposes almost $700 billion for the Pentagon while millions of Americans remain unemployed amid the pandemic. nationofchange.org With the current unemployment rate reaching roughly 6.8 million and nearly 8 million Americans facing eviction, the government should be focusing on its citizens and not a defense budget.

_____ (2020-11-19). City Workers Push For Collective Bargaining Rights. popularresistance.org Virginia Beach, VA – While local government employees are not legally allowed to engage in collective bargaining in the commonwealth until May 1, a group of workers from public utilities and public works making known their desire to have "a seat at the table" as soon as possible. | On Tuesday evening, ahead of City Council's formal session at the convention center, roughly 30 members of the city workforce chanted about the desire for hazard pay and fair wages before delivering a petition to the city manager's office that lists four demands.

Ralph Nader (2020-11-18). Abdicating to Boeing: An Open Letter to FAA Administrator Stephen Dickson. counterpunch.org November 13, 2020 Stephen Dickson, Administrator Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) U.S. Department of Transportation 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20591 Dear Mr. Dickson, It is now abundantly clear that instead of clearing out top Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) operatives who have worked to make the FAA safe for Boeing, you have thrown in your

Brett Wilkins, staff writer (2020-11-18). Billionaire Bonanza Continues as Workers Pounded by Pandemic, Recession, and GOP Relief Refusal. commondreams.org Since Covid-19 struck in March, the combined wealth of the 647 richest Americans has increased by nearly $1 trillion, largely at the expense of workers' safety—and sometimes their lives. | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/headline/thumbs/billionaires_0_0.jpg

Graham Peebles (2020-11-18). The Tide is Turning: Change and the Coming of Maitreya. dissidentvoice.org For most of 2020 Covid-19 has dominated mainstream media, and whilst serious, the pandemic is but the latest in a series of dark clouds gathering upon our collective horizon: interconnected crises, from the environmental emergency to war, poverty, inequality, and social division among others. All flow from the same root — a misguided set of …

Chuck Collins (2020-11-18). Why We Must Protect Essential Workers From Billionaire Pandemic Profiteers. commondreams.org "Frontline workers are the ones actually creating wealth, only to have it directed into the pockets of the billionaires," writes @Chuck99to1 @IPS_DC | www.commondreams.org/sites/default/files/styles/cd_special_coverage/public/views-article/thumbs/frontline_workers_covid19.jpg

Megan Sherman (2020-11-18). Herbert Marcuse and the End of Utopia. globalresearch.ca "Even among bourgeois economists, there is hardly a serious thinker who will deny that it is possible, by means of currently existing material and intellectual forces of production, to put an end to hunger and poverty, and that the present …

_____ (2020-11-18). New Report: 'Billionaire Wealth vs. Community Health'. popularresistance.org Washington, DC – Essential workers went underpaid, unsupported and forced to risk their health at corporations owned or operated by billionaires, even as the total wealth of America's billionaires rose by more than $1 trillion under the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report by the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS), United for Respect, and Bargaining for the Common Good Network. An analysis of billionaire wealth by IPS found that 647 U.S. billionaires gained $960 billion, almost $1 trillion in wealth between March 18, 2020 and November 17, 2020.

WSWS (2020-11-18). New Zealand government rejects calls to increase welfare payments. wsws.org Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern again repudiates her promise to eliminate child poverty and the housing affordability crisis.

teleSUR (2020-11-18). Argentina: Congress Approves Extraordinary Tax on Large Fortunes. telesurenglish.net Argentina's Chamber of Deputies in the early morning of this Wednesday approved an extraordinary tax on wealth, which has as its main aim to face the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in the South American country. | RELATED: | The initiative, promoted by President Alberto Fernandez's government, will now be sent to the Senate -where the ruling party has a majority- for discussion and eventual approval. | With 133 af…

teleSUR (2020-11-17). Mexico: Unemployment Increases To 2.8 Million People. telesurenglish.net Mexico's National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi) reported on Tuesday that unemployment in the country increased to 2.8 million people in the third quarter of 2020. | RELATED: | The institution explains that there was an increment of 622.000 citizens compared to the same period in 2019. Although there are early signs of recovery, the unemployment figures are still below the pre-pandemic levels. | Acc…

The Canary (2020-11-16). Demand for food parcels from cancer patients spikes since onset of pandemic. thecanary.co Cancer patients are at increasing risk of poverty because of coronavirus (Covid-19), a charity has warned. | Irish Cancer charity, Purple House Cancer Support Centre said calls to its helpline service from patients seeking food parcels have spiked since the onset of the pandemic. | The charity