2019-09-30: News Headlines

Janine Jackson (2019-09-30). 'Maybe It's Time We Broaden What We Mean by "Poor"' – CounterSpin interview with Shailly Gupta Barnes on defining and ending poverty. fair.org Janine Jackson interviewed the Kairos Center's Shailly Gupta Barnes about defining and ending poverty for the September 27, 2019, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript. | Media…

RT (2019-09-30). San Francisco is pulling out all the stops to fight homelessness — except actually making housing affordable‚Äã. rt.com San Francisco is one of the wealthiest cities in the US, but its high housing prices and strict zoning have contributed to a homelessness crisis. The city has declared war on its rough sleepers — because housing them is too easy.‚Äã

Joe Piette (2019-09-29). SEIU 32BJ members #BuildingJustice. workers.org Sept. 26 march, Philadelphia Thousands of Service Employees union (SEIU) 32BJ members held a spirited march and rally through Center City Philadelphia for #BuildingJustice on Sept. 26. Three thousand workers, who clean 120 office buildings across the city, are threatening to strike on Oct. 15 unless the wealthy owners of . . . | Continue reading SEIU 32BJ members #BuildingJustice at Workers.org

WSWS (2019-09-28). US Census report: Inequality grew rapidly in 2018 to record levels. wsws.org The US is now as unequal as the Democratic Republic of the Congo and less equal than Kenya, Mexico and Malaysia.

United Nations (2019-09-28). Haitian Foreign Minister calls for development reboot to close 'striking gap' between promises and action on ending poverty. un.org The future of humanity hinges on full implementation of the 2030 Agenda, if we don't get there, "we may never see the world that 'we the peoples of the United Nations' have long been calling for," Bocchit Edmond, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Haiti, told the General Assembly, the Organization's top deliberative body.

WSWS (2019-09-28). Trump lowers cap on refugees to record low of 18,000. wsws.org This latest move tightens the virtual ban on people fleeing poverty, violence and persecution around the world.

RT (2019-09-27). Setting the example? Income inequality in the US is at an all-time high. rt.com Last year the income gap between richest and poorest people in the US stood at its highest level since 1967, the first year the Census Bureau started tracking it. DC and New York are among places where the differences are worst.

Medea Benjamin (2019-09-27). 10 Ways that the Climate Crisis and Militarism are Intertwined. counterpunch.org The environmental justice movement that is surging globally is intentionally intersectional, showing how global warming is connected to issues such as race, poverty, migration and public health. One area intimately linked to the climate crisis that gets little attention, however, is militarism. Here are some of the ways these issues—and their solutions—are intertwined. 1. The More

CounterSpin (2019-09-27). Shailly Gupta Barnes, Frances Fox Piven on Defining and Ending Poverty. fair.org Media…

Staff (2019-09-25). Egypt's Arab Spring Isn't Over. therealnews.com The recent wave of protests against Egypt's President El-Sisi were sparked by anger at corruption, but also because of the growing inequality in Egypt, says Prof. Angela Joya.

Staff (2019-09-25). What Kind of Mayor Does Baltimore Need? therealnews.com The mayoral primary is just six months away, and it's clear the stakes are higher than ever for the person who wins the job. Record high crime, unrelenting poverty, and flawed housing policies all add up to a city in crisis. But who is best suited to address these issues, and what types of policies…

Fred_F (2019-09-24). Climate change is a crime being perpetrated against us. greenleft.org.au Climate change capitalist inequality Tamara PearsonIssue 1239 AustraliaSeptember 24, 2019A sophisticated greenwashing industry has emerged over the past few decades to not just mask the environmental destruction of corporations while blaming consumers, but…

Eugene Puryear (2019-09-16). 50,000 autoworkers stand up to GM's greed in landmark strike. liberationnews.org One of the United States' wealthiest companies, in a profit-soaked industry, is still doing everything possible to reduce the living standards of their workers as their executives and major shareholders live high-off the hog. If workers win at GM it will be a blow against the power of corporations to exploit and oppress however they see fit.